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Company has established the production management policy, which put Safety in the first priority, then quality, operation thirdly. A Safety and Quality Management Committee was found, which is directed by General Manager, includes vice managers and department managers as member committees. In each department and workshop, A security guard is assigned for daily safety inspection. A framework for security management has been set up and the responsibilities have been clarified.



Comprehensive labour protection items are supplied to employee for safety and occupational health consideration. An occupational hazard evaluation program is conducted annually by a specialized corporation; occupational hazard preventing and control plans are implemented accordingly. Simultaneously, an occupational health check-up ss assigned annually, the health results are filed individually.



As a high-tech enterprise, our company has paid high attention to environmental protection. We have greatly expensed for a waste water processing center, a exhaust gas processing facility and a waste water testing laboratory at Xi’an R&D center and Weinan production base, respectively. Besides, there are such materials for efficiently recycling and reusing by chemical theories as solvent, raw material, mother liquor, etc. The hazardous wastes will be treated by professional environmental protection company. Nowadays, the environment management system of the company has been certified by national and international institutions, and the company has gained certificates. 
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